The beautiful chapel atop Mount Leo, is a light unto all Shepherdians, the holy of holies, the house of God, the Shepherd's fold.
When the site was purchased in 1888, the bungalow in the premises underwent a complete transformation. The Parlour of the bungalow served as the Chapel for the Convent. A number of years went by and a tennis court had been set up on the South West boundary. The foundation stone of the exquisite new chapel was laid in this site and the tennis court was shifted further up hill. The Chapel with its beautiful stain glass window in the sanctuary was dedicated to the Sacred Heart and consecrated on 24th June 1924.

The Chapel with a main nave and two side wings is spacious enough to accommodate the Catholic Students during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The Chapel with its beautiful surrounding of flowers fruit trees and coconut palms, symbol1s of the shepherd's plenty will always remain cradled in the hearts of all Shepherdians.