School - Anthem

Triumphantly we raise it the standard of our school
Oh may we ev’r be faithful to our Alma Mater’s rule
May Fortiter et Suaviter our motto ever be
May all we do, all we pursue proclaim nobility.

In former days what a mead of praise
Was by our students keen
And shall we of a later age be content with what is mean
No. Excelsior shall ever be our cry to greater heights more noble.
We’ll play the game not ask for fame
Ne’er hesitate for trouble.

As long as School days last nay more,
Until our life’s last breath
We’ll e’er be true, dear School to you
Aye, true to you till death.
So hoist the standard, raise it high,
Our ideals higher still,
For God and Country, Creed and School
We’ll work with ready will.