Almost 1600 students receive their education 1000 in the Collegiate and 600 in the Primary Section. The Principal manages the entire school with assistance from the two Stream Heads, the Primary Sectional Head and Sectional Heads. Subject co-ordinators and Teachers in-charge of co-curricular and extra curricular activities are also appointed to handle other specific areas.

PRINCIPAL : Rev. Sr. Chandrika Perera

Rev. Sr. Chandrika holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Masters Degree from De la Salle University, Manila, Philippines and a Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies. Sister is no stranger to our school. She served on the tutorial staff in 1997 and left to Ave Maria, Negombo, to become the Principal, though young in years. From Ave Maria, she was transferred to St. Lawrence's, Wellewatte as Principal.

She has now assumed duties as Principal of our Alma Mater, as a very experienced and energetic Sister with a strong commitment towards the betterment of the School. We wish you God's love and abundant blessings. May the Good Shepherd who has lead you into new pastures guide and sustain you with His rod and staff. May you find verdant pastures of peace and joy and moments of rest on the beautiful slopes of Mount, Leo our beloved Alma Mater.

Principal's of the Past

Sister Mary Gertrude

Sister Mary Constance Phelan

Sister Mary Ferrier Allan

Sister Mary Aidan Howlett

Sister Mary Alibe Cosgrave

Sister Mary Cuthbert M Connel

Sister Mary Claver Shanley

Sister Mary Josheph Deegan

Sister Mary Agnes de Alwis

Sister Mary Carmeline Jayaweera

Mrs. I. Jayasekara

Sister Mary Laetitia Cooray

Sister Mary Thomas de Cruz

Sister Mary Lalani Gunawardena

Sister Mary Laetitia Cooray

Sister Mary Marjory Silva

Sister Mary Alexandra Mendis

Head Mistresses - Primary

Sister Mary Priyangika

Sister Mary Alban Roche

Sister Mary Cuthbert M'Connell

Sister Mary John E. Fitzgerald

Sister Mary Paul Pilkington

Sister Mary Finber Toomey

Sister Mary Boniface Saparamadu

Sister Mary Paul Nanaykakara

Sister Mary Winifred Costa

Sister Mary Elodie Fernando

Sister Mary Teresa Perera

Sister Mary Nilani Silva

Sister Mary Jayathunga

Sister Mary Shermila Jayawardena

Sister Mary Priyangika Fonseka


There are 96 members on the tutorial staff, 72 collegiate school and 24 in the primary section. There are 5 on the Clerical staff, one librarian, one laboratory assistance and four minor staff. There are Graduate teachers and Trained teachers.