Holy Childhood Society

The Holy Childhood Society was founded in Nancy, France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen to awaken in every Catholic child a strong sense of commitment to Jesus Christ and a zeal for the spread of the Good News everywhere by
1. Deepening one's faith,
2. Living it faithfully and
3. Sharing it joyfully
The Holy Childhood Society has existed in Sri Lanka for 60 years, confined to a few Catholic Schools only. After the Asian Regional Meeting of the National Directors of these societies in Bangkok in 1986, a decision was taken to broad base this movement in Sri Lanka.
It was in 1998 that the Holy Childhood Society was formed at Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy under the patronage and guidance of Rev. Sr. Elodie Fernando, who was the Primary Head Mistress. Under her direction, Miss Marie Perera and Miss Indrani Nanayakkara conducted meetings once a month. Since its inauguration, Catholic teachers in the Primary Section have worked with dedication to inculcate religious and social values.

The members are also trained to share money and goods with the poor and needy. The members are trained to carry out the Liturgical rituals and activities of the Mass, and the society offers a special Mass annually. Once a year a Christmas radio programme in English and Sinhala is broadcast over with the participation of the members. In recent years the following dramas were broadcast. 'True Happiness' and 'The Good News'. At present the Primary Sectional Head, Rev. Sr. Priyangika Fonseka is responsible for the society Under her guidance, team work and religious upbringing have paved the way for the young girls to live in peace and be a blessing to the world around them.

Rose Virginie Club

Saint Mary Euphrasia, Foundress of Sisters of Charity of the Good Shepherd was born on July 31st 1796, in a small island of Noirmoutier on the West coast of France, during the French Revolution. Her name - Rose Verginie Pelletier. The club has been named in her honour and aims at fostering the values propounded by St. Euphrasia, in the lives of young Shepherdians.
Her motto, 'One person is more precious than the whole world' is what inspires the Sisters responsible for the club - Rev. Sr. Kamani Vithanage for the Sinhala students and Rev. Sr. Gnanaseeli for the Tamil students. Weekly meetings are held after school and importance is given to
1. Vocation Promotions
2. Inculate the Values of the Good Shepherd in order to produce Shepherdesses to the world
3. Faith sharing

At the end of each meeting there is faith sharing, followed by a game to enhance the themes and values. On the birth anniversary of Saint Euphrasia, Holy Mass is celebrated followed by a programme in the hall. The members visit the home for the Elders at Mahaiyawa at least once a year. They entertain the elders with drama and songs and also donate dry rations.
A visit to St. Agnes' Convent, Bolawalana in December is eagerly looked forward to by everyone. The Good Shepherd sisters in retirement, undoubtedly enjoy this visit, where they are entertained with the singing of carols. They are also given little tokens of appreciation for their life long commited service to the thousands of students in the Good Shepherd Convents throughout the island.
On 17th September 2013, an Exhibition by the sisters of the Good Shepherd on 'Promotion of Vocation' was held in St. Euphrasia's Hall. Two sisters who were present, Rev. Sister Jinnali and Rev. Sister Minoli are past pupils of Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy.
'O beautiful tree of the Good Shepherd how divine are the branches you spread abroad!
The lost sheep exhausted from their wandering regain new life in your shade' SME

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary was founded by Frank Duft on September 7th 1921, in Dublin, Ireland as a Roman Catholic Marian Movement. The Legion of Mary soon spread to other countries and continents. Most prominent for spreading the Legion was the Irish Legionary Edel Mary Quinn for her activities in Africa in the 19 30's and 1940's. At first the Legion often met with mistrust due to its dedication to lay apostolate which was unusual for the time. Only after Pope Pius Xl expressed praise for the Legion in 1931, could such mistrust be quelled.
Today there are 3 million members world wide. We at Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy are proud to be a part of the 3 million members. There are two Presidiums in Sinhala and Tamil. Meetings are held every Friday after school. Marian devotion is the basic theme of this society. Every meeting commences with the recitation of the Rosary. The young Legionaries devote their time to spiritual exercises and good work. They are encouraged to emulate Mother Mary's good virtues and be of service to others.

There are 40 members in the Tamil Presidium with Ms. Stella Gregory and Mrs. Manjula Shanmugam teacher-in-charge and 12 members in the Sinhala Presidium with Mrs. Jacintha Jayasinghe, Mrs. Maduwanthy Silva and Mrs. Sajeewani Panditharatne. Through devotion to Mary the members aspire to acquire courageous faith, firm and immovable as a rock. The Principal, Rev. Sister Gertrude is the patron of the Junior Presidium 'Queen of the Holy Angels' Mrs. Dias from the Senior Presidium, Katugastota frequently visits the Presidium and gives valuable guidance which is greatly valued.