School - Flag

The school colours are blue and white like the mantle that adorns the Blessed Virgin Mary and the beautiful expanse of the blue sky with its fleecy clouds. The school crest is at the centre, an emblem of pride and privilege. The school flag that has gathered generation of students transcending barriers of race religion class and language is hoisted at all major functions. We stand tall under the banner of the Good Shepherd.

School - Crest

The simple but beautiful white Lily is at the heart of the Crest. The white Lily is significant as it symbolizes renewed life, purity and the value of meaningful living. The green leaves add strength and dignity.

Thus the white Lily on a solitary strong stem, with the spread of green leaves captures the essence of the school motto - "Strength and Sweetness". It is beauty in depth-delightful, refreshing, thoughtful, wisdom and harmony- essential attributes of a woman who walks in the way of the Good Shepherd. It is believed that the crest was design when the school was preparing to celebrate 50 golden years.

School - Moto

The Latinate phrase "Fortiter et Suaviter" engraved in the heart of every true Shepherdian is unspoken but self-evident something rich and beautiful.
"Strength and Sweetness" is human, spiritual, divine helping to broaden and deepen the meaning of life and enriching all human relationships.