The Buddhist Society

The Buddhist Society is grateful to the school for facilities provided by the school for Buddhist students who learn and practice Buddhism. The Society is happy to contribute towards the spiritual betterment of the students.
On Wednesday mornings and during the month of May there is meditation on Dhamma. During Vesak the Buddhist teachers and students together with their parents engage in many activities. Observance of sil, singing of Bakthi Gee and making of Vesak lanterns are some of them.
In keeping with the Buddhas teachings the students are encouraged to get involved in social activities. An alms-giving is organized for the patients in the Cancer Ward, Kandy hospital. Visit to Elder's Homes, and Orphanages, distribution of dry rations and clothes to the poor and the needy.

In addition, drawings by the students have been given to the Childrens Cancer Ward to decorate the walls and create a beautiful environment for the sick children.To further their knowledge and understanding of Buddhism, quiz programmes are conducted. Students also participate in Vesak lantern competitions, Bakthi Gee and drama Competitions are organized by the Department of Education and the Ministry of Buddhist Affairs.
The society has been able to donate furniture to the school by funds raised through various projects.
In a Catholic School, the Buddhists enjoy the privilege of retaining their identity and at the same time participating in all the Christian Activities of the school. This is very beneficial to our students to learn to live with tolerance and understanding when they go into society, which are some of the basic principles of Buddhism.

Hindu Students Group

Islamic Students Group

It is with a sense of joy that we claim that the Islamic Students Group has completed 40 years in existence. This is truly an occasion for celebration as Good Shepherd Convent is a Catholic school, yet encourages the study and observance of all religious prayers and rituals in a spirit of tolerance, understanding and brotherhood. We are very grateful. All Muslim students receive religious education. The two teachers Mrs. Nirana Nawshad and Mrs. Shyama Jabardeen are responsible for instructing students. Prayer meetings are usually held on Wednesday mornings with group assembly. Many Surah are recited invoking Allah's help and guidance.

Students participate in Islamic work shops and competitions conducted by other schools in Kandy and have won many awards. Students observe the month of Ramazan by fasting. We are also happy that many students participate in the Christmas and Easter dramas with joy and thus help to enrich the programmes.