School Choir

The school choir is unique and distinct adding glory and splendour to many an occasion on the school calendar. The choir has a long history and the beginnings cannot be traced. In the 1976's Rev. Sr. Holy Cross was responsible for training the choir. The late Mr. Walter Perera took over in 1981 and it was under his direction that the school first held its carol service in the school hall in the same year. With his death in 1987, Mr. Ronny Thangiah took over and under his direction the carol service was held for the first time in the school Hall in 1987. Miss Mystica Perera took over the choir and now Mr. Neson george in the choir master.

The choir continues to give its best at all school functions. Sr. Mary Alexandra Mendis took over as principal in 2004 and the first Easter programme 'He is Risen' was stage with the full participation of the choir. The Easter programme now an annual event. The choir continues to participate in events outside the school too. 'La Musique Pasturk' 'Concertaid VIII', choir festival organized by the Bible Society are same.