The School Committee

Forty six Prefects and Captains from the Collegiate School and twenty four captains from the Primary are appointed annually forming the school Committee. The Investiture Ceremony is usually held on February 8th, the School Day. The day commences with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, blessing of the budges followed by the Investiture Ceremony.
It is a solemn occasion where a Chief Guest is invited to preside and deliver a meaningful message to the newly elected Committee and the students. A prefects' song was composed in by Mrs. Rita Jayatilleke, a loyal Past pupil and dedicated teacher, who continues to serve on the tutorial staff. The National Anthem, the School Anthem, the Prefects' song and the Hymn - I Know Who Holds The Future are sung, inspiring the staff and students to hoist the standard, raise our ideals 'For God and Country, Creed and School'.

The Prefects Song

An inspiration to all prefects to honour the trust reposed in them and strive towards excellence. Leaders need charisma, Vision, action and good will. The torch they carry will light the way of those around and they would leave an indelible mark on others. The song was composed in 2002 by Mrs. Rita Jayatilleka a loyal past pupil, teacher and Prefects' Co-ordinator of Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy.

Leadership means many different things - You need a vision, action and goodwill
You can't forget the pledge you made - Lead and serve all those around you
Give your school the very best you can
Cheerful and courageous all day long - Stamina to walk that extra mile
Firm and bold righteous always - Humble, honest, steadfast, loyal
To your Alma Mater and your Goad

Don't ever be afraid to do what's right - Believe in self and others all the way
Make your choice take no chances - Heed the past, build the future
Then a leader surely you would be

To future generation be a light - Be a light
Inspire lofty morals all the way - All the way
Have a vision, will and mission - Manage time self and others
Never fear nor fail along the way

Hand your torch when your race is run - It's glow will light the way of those around
Firm and ideal steps to follow - Leaders leave a mark eternal
Leave themselves in others when they're gone.

The Jubilee Song

The centenary of the foundation of Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy was an event of great joy and thanksgiving. The jubilee song acclaims God’s abundant blessing, the work of the pioneer Irish Sisters and the joy of a hundred years of existence. The hope for the future is captured in the lyrics composed by Mystica Perera, a loyal past pupil and teacher who now lives in Astralia.

Under the banner of the Good Shepherd - We stand united with pride and joy
To sing our story of tears and glory - Of a hundred years gone by

Cho: Fortiter et suvaviter to our motto ever sincere,
We sing to you dear Alma Mater - Yet another hundred years

Hail the pioneer young Irish sisters - Who on the summit of Mt. Leo
With love and fervor, true dedication - Tended the seed of learning

We reap the harvest with strength and sweetness - Our guiding star in word and deed
May your light brighten and shine eternal - As we march ahead with you

The future Lord, we leave in your hands - Guide the young that they may be
True to country, school and you - Sowing seeds of harmony